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For that perfectly personalized gift for a birthday, you cannot go wrong with a gift basket. A gift basket allows you to assemble a miniature cornucopia of gifts specially tailored for the recipient, and it is also a fun item to put together. It also does not require much assembly, since you can simply place the gifts in an attractive looking basket, attach a bow or a ribbon, tag it, and your task will be done. Before assembly, however, you need to decide on a theme for your gift basket; take the interests of your recipient into consideration when you come up with a theme, and select each item for its personal significance, if possible. With these considerations in mind, here are some tips on how to put a birthday gift basket together.

Decorate the basket

Once you select an aesthetically pleasing basket, you have the option of complementing the goodies with some simple decorations. Considering that the items in the basket are likely to be simple and affordable, you can afford to add a pop of color and an element of exuberance with the décor. For a more elegant touch, consider including a sprig of flowers or even a bouquet arranged inside the basket. You can even get an already stocked basket with services that bring an unique set of flowers.

For online flower delivery, can supply you with a range of in-season flowers and professional floral arrangements to grace your gift basket. You can choose to add more decorative elements in the form of softly crumpled or shredded tissue paper with which you can line the basket as well. Accompany all of this with a flamboyant bow or ribbon, and a tag that contains your personal message to the recipient, and you will have an attractive and unique present.

Include thematic goodies

You want to make sure that each individual item in the basket is going to be appreciated by the recipient, so consider their personal preferences when coming up with a theme for the basket. If you wish to create a highly personalized gift basket, you can reference one of their favourite books, movies, or even musical acts, and include items that correspond to that theme. For instance, you can include a book related to these interests alongside pieces of costume jewellery that symbolize these cultural artifacts. Additionally, there might even be branded food items created in association with these cultural artifacts. As the most obvious example, if you are preparing a Harry Potter themed basked, you can easily find Harry Potter themed chocolates and assorted sweets to include.